About the Walk

My team and I are so encouraged by the thousands of messages from people across Canada about the Victor Walk. We know we’ve hit a nerve ~ people want to better protect our children from abusers, greater national awareness about the epidemic of childhood trauma and much more access to funding for those groups and organizations who provide healing for victims, survivors, Victors and Advocates.

Our first Victor Walk in 2013, was a huge success nationwide, and since then we have been working to keep the momentum high with the community we’ve built up together. This year, our team will be walking an extended route for five days from Russell to Winnipeg MB, to bring a very bright spotlight on the horrors of childhood trauma. Eight million Canadians have suffered from shame and pain of childhood trauma long enough.

The exact details of the route will be released as soon as possible, but here’s where the 2016 Victor Walk Tour will be heading and when:

July 19: To be announced
July 20: To be announced
July 21: To be announced
July 22: To be announced
July 23: To be announced

As many of you have expressed interest in joining us on the five-day journey, due to safety reasons, we cannot oblige.

We encourage you to join your own community walk, or if you live along the route that we are walking, meet us during the walk to cheer us on. Please click here to find out how you can organize a Victor Walk in your area, and be a part of one of the greatest teams ever assembled to make a difference on behalf of childhood trauma.

Sister Victor Walks have been organized in the following communities:

  • To be announced
  • The Victor Movement reserves the right to refuse people or groups to join or participate in the Victor Walk at it’s sole discretion. The Victor Movement is not liable in any way for any injury or damage caused by participating in the Victor Walk.