What is a Victor?


Through no fault of their own, a child suffers sexual abuse or rape, at the hands of a person in a position of power or authority over them. This is the darkest, most painful, frightening and confusing time of the child’s life.


When the sexual trauma ends, at whatever age, the victim is now a survivor. They cope the best way they can with the broken emotional tools and fractured life skills they now possess.


When a survivor reveals to a trusted confidante or counselor the rape they suffered and seeks help for the pain, they shed all shame, they hope and dream again, and they see a viable future for their lives despite the past, they are now Victors.


Once a Victor is empowered and motivated to see that no other child is subjected to the same trauma, they take action and become an Advocate.

No matter where you are on your path to Victor, we believe you.

In Canada there are many non-profit organizations working day in and day out to raise awareness about childhood sexual abuse and rape, advocate for change and provide healing. We have found that most are chronically under-funded and unknown.

The Victor Movement was created to raise awareness for, and heal those who have been devastated by childhood rape, to that end the Victor Movement is a social good company focused on business endeavours that will create revenue to give to those chronically underfunded non-profit groups. We don’t believe Canada needs another charity, it needs companies and people who will create platforms to make money and give where needed in the world.

The Victor Movement has chosen one main organization to work with and donate to: the Breaking Free Foundation. Together we can make a difference.

Join us on July 27, 2019, to Walk with Thousands.