Meet Victor

Victor the Frog

Let me introduce you to Victor.

A couple of years ago I was invited to an aboriginal conference in Bella Coola, BC. I had a couple of hours before the conference, and a young historian from the Nuxalk Tribe asked me to join him on a hike. We went up into the mountains to a clearing where a river with crystal clean water ran. I cupped my hand into the stream and drank ~ it was pure and sweet.

All around in the clearing were rock carvings hundreds of years old. Each carving represented an animal, and one in particular caught my attention…a frog.

The historian asked me a question that would come to define my very soul, he asked “Have you ever seen a frog hop backwards?” No, I had to admit I hadn’t.

He went on to tell me that the frog can look left and right, but he never goes backwards…he only ever goes forwards.

Since then I have seen literally hundreds of depictions of frogs wherever I go…in fact, I had one tattooed on my arm.

You see, the frog is me. I can look left, I can look right, but I can never go backwards.

On this website, and whenever you see anything about the Victor Movement, you will see the frog. His name is Victor. He looks left, and he looks right…and he only ever goes forward.

Childhood trauma happens each and every day in our country. In fact, the incident rate has reached epidemic proportions around the world. However, unlike most epidemics we have a cure, we know how to heal and we know how to move forward.

While pedophiles look to destroy, the Victor looks to move from victimhood and coping to overcoming and being Victorious in life.

Just like Victor the frog, we are moving forward. On July 17, 2018, my team and I will walk across Alberta, landing in Calgary for our Saturday rally on July 21st. We want to see you there, ready to stand together and shed all the shame. We will tell everyone about what happened to us, how we felt and the effects of the abuse. If you cannot join us in Calgary, we ask you to show your courage in your city or town and host your own Victor Walk.

I loved my years in hockey, I wouldn’t trade them for anything, but the Victor Movement is my life’s work, my legacy. I know if we all band together, if we raise our voices, and find our courage we will be able to change the way that childhood rape is seen in our country.

My name is Theoren Fleury, and I am a Victor over the trauma of childhood rape.