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Sports Illustrated July 4-11

Theo Fleury is giving voice to fellow survivors of abuse. Check out the article here.

Victor Walk Doc Trailer

Check out the trailer by clicking the photo below:

Victor Walk Documentary Premieres June 7, 2016!


Steve Byrnes Podcast Interview

Charles Adler Podcast Interview



Victor Walk 2015 was a success, and the Alberta-wide tour took Theo Fleury and team from Edmonton to Calgary, and everywhere between. In addition to the several communities in Alberta taking part in the Orange Movement, there were sister walks across Canada on July 25th: Vancouver, Waterloo, Toronto, Grand Prairie, Halifax and Lethbridge.

Here are some of the highlights from Victor Walk 2015:

• Check out pictures from the Victor Walk tour with Theo Fleury here.

• Calgary Herald: Theo Fleury and his Victor Walk raise awareness on childhood trauma


• Edmonton Journal: Theo Fleury is leading Victor Walk to raise awareness about child sexual abuse < no longer available >

• 24 Hours Vancouver: The Victor Movement across Canada is raising awareness about childhood trauma

• CTV Kitchener: Sexual abuse survivors took part in Victor Walk movement this past weekend


• CTV Toronto: A look at the Victor Walk movement in Toronto this past weekend

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